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Business Advisory

Wealth Creation Angels - Business Advisory

We work closely with business owners and managers in SME sector to provide them with reports and systems that facilitate their decision making process.

It is becoming increasingly important in the current climate, that those tasked with business governance are searching for ways to streamline, re-structure and implement efficient working practices to protect and improve their businesses and this is a bespoke service to assist with this process.

The list below are some of the ways we can assist you as your Business Advisors:

Tax Efficient Structures

Whether relating to new company formations or the re-structuring of existing businesses, advice in this area is paramount in maximising your retained profits and legitimately resulting in tax savings.

Business Plans

We would review of your existing plan or the create a new plan to align business goals and totally the plans with your ambitions.

Cost Reduction

Our analysts will review current business practices to identify beneficial operational changes and areas of potential cost savings. They would recommend sound and viable alternatives with no impact on quality.

Raising Finance

We will help to determine the most suitable method of raising funds and guide you in meeting your short, medium and long term funding requirements.

Financial Controls

Financial controls often solidify working practices, guard against fraud and increase the reliability of financial data used in your business. We can assist improving on this process.

Product Costing

We engage with management in order to cost and analyse profitability for both existing, proposed products.